Monday, August 30, 2004

What started it all

I was looking for the photos which I thought were supposedly being posted into this new web host for "Jublintan65". I looked and looked, and I don't know where to begin nor where to find, and what this is all about, because it was all so new to me.
Then I realised that, in order for me to log in for information or to participate, I have to join as member. Upon joining, I was asked to give myself a blogger name. So WooeR, thus would comes naturally for me.Friends, in the beginning were not intituitive on me by that name, but I think by now they are. And, I hope they will soon find out reasons why suddenly I get fond to the name too.
I feel like all other things that co-exist around us, names would be given to things or objects that can be feeled, tasted or looked at, no matter how minute they could be. And naturally so, what these eyes perceived, some could be nondescripts, but names persist.


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